Spinet Desk

If you read this blog and live in Rock Hill, or if you are planning to visit soon, you need to check out a store on Main Street called Flutterby Interiors. My friend, Danielle, and I happened upon it one day in December. Sherri, the owner, repurposes hidden gems into new awesome things. She refinishes old furniture, reupholsters chairs, rewires lamps, creates new things from random items. It is an awesome store! And she teaches classes, too. You must check it out!

When Danielle and I visited the store in December, there was a really neat desk on display. It had a "Sold" sign on it, but I thought it was so neat. It was a 19th century Spinet Desk. I thought it would be a perfect desk for me. It closes up to look like a nice table, but opens up to become a desk. All of your desk mess is hidden inside. I sent Jack back to take a look at it because I hoped he would make one for me. It was already gone when he went back, but Sherri shared a picture she had of it.

Jack started searching for spinet desks online and saw pictures of lots of different styles, but no plans. But my husband, being so super awesome, thought he could design one for me. I used my Christmas money from his parents to buy the materials a few weeks ago and the desk is finished. I LOVE IT! It is absolutely beautiful. It holds all of my desk stuff, plus my laptop. Jack even drilled a hole in the back for the laptop chord so that it can be closed up inside the desk, too. Here are pictures of my beautiful new spinet desk. How super talented is my husband?!?!



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