Saturday, July 30, 2011


Here are all of the pictures lined up for comparison.

All of our kids in their Daddy's hand- in order- Caleb, Noah, Josiah, Eden.

An individual shot- Caleb, Josiah and Eden (we did not get one like this of Noah)

And a tummy shot- Noah, Josiah and Eden (we did not get one like this of Caleb)

Eden's Pictures

We have a set of black and white pictures of each of the boys hanging in our home. It all started when Caleb was about 3 weeks old and our friend Heidi, a photographer, offered to take pictures for us. She took some great ones of Caleb- our favorite of Caleb in Jack's hand.

And then when Noah was born, Heidi no longer lived in our area, so we went to a portrait studio and had them do similar shots of Noah. Here are our two favorite of Noah at about 2 weeks old.

And when Josiah was born, we went back to the same portrait studio- but we were a little later with him and he was about 6 weeks old. Here are his pictures:

Today, we decided that since we have such a nice camera, we should try to take the pictures ourselves and save the money of a professional photographer. We are really happy with the way Eden's pictures turned out. And it is neat to see which one of the boys she looks the most like. What do you think?

Monday, July 18, 2011


 Dressed up to go home!

6 Days Old

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Welcome to the World, Eden!!

Yesterday we welcomed our daughter to the world!! Eden Frances Blankenship was born at 10:48 am, weighing a whopping 10 lbs 10 oz! She is beautiful and has the quietest sweetest cry.

Her birth was pretty uneventful, although it did take them a few minutes to get her crying good and turning that great pink color. She is doing really well and so am I.

I wanted to share some pictures from our day, but also share a neat story with you. I already shared how God intervened to give us an incredible doctor- he prayed with us yesterday before Eden's c-section and it was a beautiful, heartfelt prayer. What a blessing that was for us. But God also intervened in a really amazing way. Many of you know, our first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage in 2004. It was a very difficult time, and I haven't thought much about it lately. But yesterday when they were taking my medical history, they asked if this was my 4th pregnancy, and I said, "Oh, no, actually it's my fifth." And as I sat there thinking about that first pregnancy something really remarkable dawned on me. The due date for that baby was July 12, the very day we are now in the hospital about to deliver our daughter. How amazing is that. But here's what's even cooler- we had a scheduled c-section and so could have chosen any date and just happened to choose July 12- but on Monday night I started having contractions and by they time we got check in to the hospital on Tuesday morning and got prepped for the c-section, I was having contractions every 2-6 minutes. So, even if we had not planned it so, Eden would have been born on the due date of our first baby. What a sweet blessing it was to realize that as we were about to have her.

The boys are already quite smitten with her, as are we! Thank you for your prayers for our family. Here are some pictures of our first two days together! Enjoy!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Vote For Our Herd!

Ok, I entered the contest!! So, vote for us!
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I think we win more free Chick-fil-a! What could be better for this family?!?!?

Here is the link to vote:

Friday, July 8, 2011

Cow Appreciation Day

Once again, Cow Appreciation Day is here. If you know us well, you know how much we love Chick-fil-a. And you know how for the past three years we have all dressed in our cow costume best for some free Chick-fil-a. This year I decided we should make more permanent costumes so I wouldn't have to make them new each years. The boys and I painted 5 white T-shirts with black cow spots. The plan is each year to paint a new one for Caleb and just keep passing down the other ones. We had fun making them, and even more fun wearing them to Chick-fil-a this morning for free breakfast. Because we dress all out in cow, we get 5 free meals! And we will be going back for dinner tonight, too! Thinking about submitting our photo for the Cow Appreciation Day Photo Contest. If I do, you all have to vote for us!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

June in Georgia

Jack spent 10 days in June in Savannah coordinating and speaking at World Changers. In the past, I've joined him. I even joined him two years ago when I was 8 months pregnant with Josiah. What a difference two years makes! There was no way I could have gone with him this year. In fact, two years ago when I went it was right after I was the VBS Director at church- dancing my rear end off on the stage and coordinating the week long event. How in the world did I do that 8 months pregnant?!?!? I guess my age is catching up with me cause there is no way I could have done either this time around!

So, instead, the boys and I went to Georgia to spend the week with my parents and my sister and her kids. Right before we left, I had a doctor's appointment. Here's a little side story about the doctor- our sovereign God taking care of us! When we moved I was already pregnant. I had my first ultrasound and appointment with my doctor in Georgia, Dr. Shin. Dr. Shin delivered all three boys and I really, really love her. She is an incredible doctor- I knew she genuinely cared for me, took my health seriously, and honestly was like a friend to me. In fact, at that last appointment in Georgia, we both cried! Honestly, finding a new OB was one of the hardest parts of moving. I found a practice here in Rock Hill, but all the doctor's were just names on a page so I chose one of the two women and went with that. The doctor was nice enough, but she couldn't have been more different than Dr. Shin- she was not very personable, and honestly I really didn't feel like she heard me- many times I felt like she dismissed my questions or fears- in fact, she put much pressure on us to choose to have my tubes tied. And although we have been leaning towards having no more children, we both didn't like the feeling like she was disregarding our thoughts or desires. About 8 weeks ago, my doctor realized that she is going to be out of town the week of my c-section and so the on call doctor would be doing it. She suggested we meet the on call doctor so we would know him, and then continue to see her until the c-section. We were pretty upset about this turn of events. Although she wasn't my favorite doctor in the world, we had seen her for every appointment and discussed every aspect of the c-section. And now we were going to have to have a new doctor with just a few weeks to go! But God, in His Sovereignty, was taking such wonderful care of us. The on-call doctor for July 12 is the founder of the practice, Dr. Revell. And we adore him! Seriously. He is so much like Dr. Shin. He immediately listened to our questions and counseled us not to do anything permanent with birth control unless we were sure- no pressure either way he wanted us to feel comfortable with our decision. He is a believer and this week is volunteering as the camp doctor at Camp Joy- camp for kids with down syndrome. His nurse is so sweet and kind as well (unlike the other doctor's nurse who rarely smiled). We have already been so blessed by Dr. Revell and have seen him for every appointment since finding out he would be doing the c-section. So, it was Dr. Revell that we saw right before our trip to Georgia. I was 36 weeks pregnant and planning a 3 hour trip to my parents. Dr. Revell, knowing that Jack was going to be gone on the mission trip for 10 days, said he would never take my trip away from me! But he was concerned about the swelling and fluid retention he saw. So, he said if I went to Georgia, I had to take cool baths and spend a good amount of time in the pool! Doctor's orders! Well, my parents have a jetted tub in their mater bath and my sister's in-laws just finished a backyard in ground pool! Perfect!

But the highlight of the week was that Caleb started swimming all on his own- without his life jacket! It's like a switch was flipped. He started swimming all over the pool, underwater- even diving to the bottom for toys. He would jump in the deep end and swim across the pool. It was amazing and I was so proud! I can't wait to get to a pool here so Jack can see him swimming like a fish!  

We had a great week in Georgia. The boys really enjoyed swimming as much as possible and playing with their cousins. We went letterboxing one day, we spent time playing in the Chattahoochee river, Josiah fell in love with his new baby cousin, Ethan. He insisted all week that Ethan was "My baby." And when he wanted to hold him would say, "My baby. Have it." Very cute. I got to work on homeschooling planning which was nice as well. And I got to take cool baths and spend time in the pool. All in all, it was a good week for sure.

 The Boys

Sweet baby Ethan

The pool



Josiah and Owen




Noah and Hayden

Josiah and his baby, Ethan

Playing in the Chattahoochee

Fudgecicles on the front porch