Monday, September 17, 2012

A New Backyard

There are lots of things we love about our little house here in Rock Hill. One of them is the great backyard. But as great as our backyard is, there is no grass in it. It's big, shaded, has a swing set and tree fort and no grass. So, my parents and Jack's parents gave me the most wonderful early birthday present.... Sod! And on Saturday, everyone came to help us install sod in our backyard. I love the way it looks and the boys can't wait to play on it. And we're in for a rainy few days, just in time to water our new sod. I think it might be my favorite birthday gift ever!

Caleb helped by loading debris into his dump truck.

Pallets of Sod

The dads hard at work!

The Finished Product

The boys checking out their new yard!

 Eden trying on a new fall hat from Nana! So cute!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Apple Picking

On labor day we went with our friends, the Chambers, to a local orchard for pick your own apples. It was super fun and we got lots of yummy apples, apple cider, apple butter BBQ sauce.... yum! Most of the good apples were up high in the trees, so Jack had to lift the boys up high to reach them. The boys loved every minute. And we got some really cute pics of all of the kids together. Thankful for places like Windy Hill Orchard. Thankful for friends like the Chambers. Thankful for days like last Monday.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First Pigtails

Eden's hair is long enough for pigtails. They are to die for! Warning: this post contains more cuteness than is allowed by law. Brace yourselves. You might die. She's that cute.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Things I love about my guy

526. the way he and eden sit together on the porch swing

527. the way he preaches the word

528. the way he fully participates in our family days

529. the way he lifted all of the boys high into the apple trees

530. the way he compliments me

531. the way he happily eats everything i cook

532. the way he takes initiative to change diapers

533. the way he talks to our children

534. the way he laughs with me, and thinks i'm actually funny

535. the way he reminds me of jesus

536. the way he so easily relates to everyone we meet

537. the way he knows me so well

538. the way his daughter already has him wrapped

539. the way noah wants to do everything just like him

540. the way he works to  fulfill my frivolous desire for grass in the backyard

541. the blue of his eyes

542. the way he prays for our children

543. the way he leads

544. the way he sits with me on the back porch

545. the way he never makes me feel less than

546. the way he holds me when we fall asleep

547. the way he values my opinions, even when sometimes he shouldn't

548. the way he holds my hand

549. the way he comes home for lunch almost everyday

550. the way he loves