Saturday, July 13, 2013

Eden's Birthday

Today we had a few friends over to celebrate Eden's birthday. We sang, ate cake and opened presents. Super low key, but fun! I made a Hello Kitty cake for Eden. She loves Hello Kitty because she has a Hello Kitty thermos and Hello Kitty shoes. Whenever she wants one of them she says, "Oh kicky." It is the cutest. So I just had to make her a Hello Kitty cake.

She got her kitchen today and friends and family gave her accessories like food, pots, oven mits, an apron and a vacuum cleaner. She loved it all. Every kid at the party loved the kitchen. I got a picture of all of them surrounding it trying to cook. So cute!

 Eden and her intended, Judah, scarfing down some cake!

 Eden ate hers with her hands!

It's a cooking frenzy!

DIY Play Kitchen

This year for Eden's 2nd birthday we decided to make her a play kitchen. We looked at lots of different tutorials online and headed to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore to find a hidden gem that we could convert into a play kitchen.

For $20 we found this desk.

First we disassembled the desk:

We took the face off of the drawer to use as the oven door. We wanted to lower the desk because it was a little too tall. Jack cut it down to the height of the tall cabinet. Then we took the top and cut out the holes for the sink and the faucet. We got a faucet at Home Depot for $10 and a dog bowl at Petsmart for $5. Then we put the top back on the now lower desk.

The desk is laminate and we weren't sure how to paint it. We read more tutorials online. First, we sanded it lightly using 220 sandpaper and a finish sander. You don't want to sand it too much, just enough to scuff up the finish. Then we cleaned it well using Windex. Then we used a primer to cover the entire desk. And we let it dry overnight. It is really important not to try to short cut these steps. We did. And we ended up having to repaint it!

We ended up moving it into our dining room because it was just too damp and humid on the back porch for the paint to dry well. Once the primer was dry we painted it white. We used a gloss so that it would be easy to wipe up and clean. After we let the paint dry overnight, we put a coat of polyurethane clear coat to help make sure the paint would not chip as the kids played with it.  We got wooden circles from Hobby Lobby for the burners. They were in the aisle with all of the unfinished wooden craft items. I think they might be for making plaques? Anyway, we spray painted them black. We took the drawer front and painted a black rectangle on it for the oven door, then used hinges and chains to connect it to the bottom space. I sewed a curtain to cover the cabinet under the sink. We attached the sink with liquid nails. Jack screwed on the burners and we used drawer pulls from Home Depot for the knobs. All in all it turned out pretty great!

I got magnetic letters from Walmart. I saw one tutorial  that used magnetic paint, but that was a lot more work and money. So I decided to use velcro dots to put the letters on the fridge door. We also got a wire cabinet organizer to put in the oven like oven racks.

Really happy with how the kitchen turned out. Eden loved it (and so did everyone else at the party, but more on that later!)

Friday, July 12, 2013

My Dearest Eden

Happy 2nd Birthday sweet girl! I cannot believe two years have gone by already. You are so precious to your daddy and me. We are so thankful that God has given us a beautiful little girl.

You are a lot of fun! Your hair is long enough for pony tails. You are talking a lot! You are very, very bossy. You fuss at your brothers all the time. Just today in Walmart, whenever Josiah lagged behind us, you yelled, " 'Mon Siah!!" You love hugs and kisses. Your brothers adore you. They give you whatever you want and argue about who gets to sit by you at a dinner. And you equally adore them. Daddy and I were just talking the other day about saying "no" to you and not giving in to your tantrums. But your brothers do not have the same idea! You turn on the tears and they give in!

You love music! When we sing songs, you start singing along by the second or third time. Your brothers love to sing "My Girl" to you and you love to sing along. You love your babies. This week you have started getting diapers out of the diaper bag and attempt to put diapers on your baby dolls. It is very cute.

You are very tall! Today we found out you are 35 1/2 inches tall- the 90th percentile! You are taller than Caleb or Josiah were at their 2 year check! But you are quite a bit lighter than all of the boys! Your weight is only in the 40th percentile. Mommy is already praying for a tall husband for you!

Eden, we love you so much. You bring such joy to this family and I cannot imagine it without your sweetness. I pray everyday that God would grow you into a woman after His heart. That you would find your significance, value and joy in Christ alone. I pray that God would protect our relationship with each other over the years. I love you so much and feel so blessed to be your mom. Happy Birthday!!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Father's Day

This year for Father's Day we framed two pictures in a really neat frame that is made of cork so that he can use it to hang pictures from the kids in his office. Turned out really cute. I found a saying on Pinterest and put it on the pictures. They turned out really great.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


This summer has been crazy. We have been so super busy. We started out our summer with a wonderful week long vacation in Myrtle Beach. The timing was perfect. We finished our homeschool year on the Tuesday before we left and Jack had just finished up the semester. We sure were ready for our vacation. We had a great week. The weather was great- it rained a few times, but only a little and no days were totally rained out! We spent everyday the beach and pool. We took naps and read lots of books. We played putt-putt and walked on the boardwalk. This year we splurged and surprised the kids with the dinner show Pirate Voyage, which they loved. It was an awesome, awesome week. We are so thankful for the condo that we rent each year. What a blessing it is to us!!! Here are some of my favorite pictures from the week.