Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Noah!

Dearest Noah,

How is it possible you are already 6? I am in denial. Deep denial. These years are flying by. Last night, as I tucked you in, I told you about the night before you were born 6 years ago. It snowed. In Georgia. Aunt Stacey, Hayden, Grammy and Pop-Pop were at our house waiting for you. And it started snowing.

I just don't feel like that was 6 years ago! You have grown into such a precious boy. Noah, what I love most about you is your heart. You challenge me everyday with the way you love. You are so compassionate and kind. I am challenged by the way you put others first. Just this week we went on a Mother-Son date and the whole time you asked me over and over if we could bring something special home for your brothers and sister.

You are so smart. I love listening to you read to me! You are doing so great in school. I am always impressed with how quickly you understand a new concept- especially in math. You are like a sponge- you just soak in when we read you stories and talk about the Bible together.

You still like to sit by me and play with my hair while we read a book. I treasure that. I know it won't be long before you don't do that anymore.

Noah, we love you so much. We pray for you everyday- that God would draw you to himself and use your sweet, tender heart for His glory. Son, there is nothing we long for more for you. You are a gift to this family. Happy 6th Birthday, Noah Jackson. We love you, no matter what, forever and ever!


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Caleb Scores!

Tonight, Caleb scored his first and second ever baskets in basketball! I got video of both. I wish I had turned the camera for the first basket so you could see his celebration in full. He jumped up in the air, leaped down the court and high-fived his coach. I know the grandparents will be so proud! (to view the videos full screen click the little box in the lower right hand corner on the video). He is #4 and the scores are about 3/4 of the way through each video. Enjoy!