Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Day of School

Today was Caleb's first day of Pre-K. It was also Noah's first day of preschool. They both did great and had a wonderful time. They both walked right into their classrooms and had a wonderful day. Noah has the same teacher Caleb had 2 years ago, Ms. Sandra. The other children in his class were crying at drop off, but Noah just smiled, kissed me and said, "Bye Mommy!" And Caleb is an old pro at this, so he just walked right into his room. Noah will be going on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Caleb will be going Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Here are some pictures from their first day!

Monday, August 16, 2010

1,000 Gifts

So, I haven't stopped to take stock of all of the blessings in my life for a while... since May actually. And you know what? I can tell a difference. In the past few months, things have gotten tough around here. I've detailed it on here already, so I'll spare you now (think furlough days and lost income). It has been easy to focus on all of the hard things cause they are in our face. I have not been the encouraging, uplifting wife that God has called me to be. And I think part of the reason is that I stopped giving thanks for the gifts. No matter how hard things get- financially, emotionally, spiritually, physically- God is still good and He continues to lavish us with His love. It's about choosing this day to rejoice. It's about choosing this day to be grateful. It's about choosing this day to love. It's about choosing this day to smile, to laugh, to give. So that is what I will do.

131. sandy
132. lora
133. when the biggest monkey climbs in the crib with the littlest monkey
134. handmade flowers still beautiful
135. eskimo kisses
136. siah kisses
137. time away together
138. i love you mommy
139. forgiveness
140. lunch time with daddy home

holy experience

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Look what I found.....

..... when I went to get Josiah up from his nap

It appears Josiah had a visitor in his crib! And then of course, Noah insisted to be put in the crib with his brothers. And what kind of mother would not oblige and then take pictures! :)

To steal Jack's phrase... I'm blessed so much I can't see straight!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Southern Gentleman

So, lately this little cutie pie has developed quite a southern accent! It only shows up on certain words. Caleb did the same at about that age with certain words, particularly Lightning McQueen which he still pronounces "Laughtning." Noah's accent is particularly strong when he says "I did" - "Ah Dee-uhd" and "I am" - "Ah ai-yuhm" and "Yeah"- "Yay-uh." It is very cute! Maybe one day soon we can catch it on video and upload it here for all to hear.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Two Weeks Away

Well, we were gone for the last two weeks. First, Jack was given the great opportunity to speak for World Changers in Anniston, AL. So Jack took some vacation time and we all went together to Annistion. It was a great week of fun family time and Jack getting to preach. And it provided a little extra income! We stayed at an Inn and really enjoyed it- the pool was really nice, the boys were well-behaved. We found an awesome city park that was free and had a lake with ducks to feed and a mini-water park with several playgrounds! It was very awesome! At the end of the Anniston week, Jack's furlough week began. It was a week that he did not work, but was also not paid for. We decided to turn a negative into as positive an event as it could be and we got away for the week. We began the week going from Annistion, AL to Billingsley, AL to see Nana and PawPaw. We had a wonderful time visiting and the boys had a blast. And Jack and I were able to worship that Sunday at Church At Brook Hills in Birmingham. It was wonderful. We love the preaching of their pastor, Davide Platt. But it was also refreshing to just be able to sit in church and worship without being in charge of anything- we were just regular worshipers not pastor and wife! It was a great little time of refreshing. Here are some pics from our week in Anniston and Billingsley!

Can you tell we had a great time???

And then we came home for a day to do laundry and re-pack before heading up to North Georgia to see my family. However, Grammy decided to get into a car accident and so our day at home was cut short since we went straight on up to help take care of her! Thankfully, she was ok- just very sore and bruised with a totaled car! Our friends and my sister's in-laws let us use their lake house for the week so we could have a Moffett Family vacation. Stacey, Andrew and their boys and Grammy and Pop-Pop and the five of us all enjoyed our mini-vacation. They have an awesome inflatable water slide/pool that all five boys loved. And Caleb, Hayden and Noah loved swimming in the lake. We really enjoyed the jet ski- a first for me and the boys! We took a boat ride, too. We did lots of relaxing and spending quality time together. The boys caught lots of frogs and Jack even caught a baby snake! Here's pics from the Georgia week

We had a wonderful two weeks away. Although the circumstances that caused the break are not so happy, God continues to be good and He blessed us with a wonderful family and two weeks of time together! We are grateful for the little things!

Happy Anniversary!

Nine years ago today I married my best friend!! It's hard to believe it's been nine years. We got married and Jack started seminary and I started teaching. We had an amazing 4 years in seminary, moved into our first home together- a two bedroom apartment on Thornrose Way in Wake Forest, made lifelong friends, grew together, went on vacations including a cruise, stayed at an amazing bed and breakfast, went to Haiti on a mission trip and many more great memories. And then 5 and a half years ago, God called us to our first church and we bought our first home. And in this home we've had three beautiful children born to us- in 2006, 2008 and 2009. And they have brought us great joy and taught us even more about love and marriage. And now here we are, 9 years later- about to head to Africa together, raising our children, growing in love. It has been the greatest adventure. I shared with my bible study girls last night that I've never experienced a love like the love I have for this man. He fills my life with joy and he loves me with the love of Christ. I want to grow old with him. I love to watch him be a daddy. I love to hang out with him. I love laughing and talking with him. I love going on dates. I love going on family trips. Happy Anniversary, Jack!!! I love you no matter what forever and ever!

PS- He is the most amazing husband. As you know, money is very tight. So you know what he did? He made me flowers! Seriously, he went online and learned how to make origami flowers and when I woke up this morning they were waiting for me. They are so much better than real flowers! The time and effort.... wow! I certainly feel loved and valued this morning!!