Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Remembering Graditude

A while back I began a journey..... a journey to a life of gratitude by recording 1,000 gifts. I was challenged by my favorite writer Ann Voskamp who blogs at A Holy Experience. I've blogged my gifts so far up to 210. And it really is day changing, week changing and hopefully life changing. And now Ann has written a book about this journey. I love the title: "One Thousand Gifts: Dare to Live Life Fully Right Where You Are." Can I do that? Can I live life fully right where I am? With three small children, with a 16 month old who is getting into EVERYTHING and makes his displeasure known with screaming (even in the library at storytime!), pregnant and hormonal, with a fierce cold, with a husband who has meetings in Columbia all day tomorrow, meetings all day Thursday with Refuge that night, and meetings in Nashville all day Friday and Saturday (can you tell what kind of day I had!?!?!?!). Yes, I can. Today, I failed. But tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow is another chance to wake with gratitude on my lips. Tomorrow is another chance to seize every moment. Tomorrow is another day to love completely, to live more fully. I can't wait to read her book. I think you should, too. Here's a video promo of her book.

My book shipped today. And when I start reading it, I will be blogging my thoughts, my feelings and the lessons learned. I am still on this journey. Won't you join me? Shall we give Him the thanks, the glory for all of the gifts? May it be so!

Today was hard, but not without it's gifts.
211. the way he takes care of me
212. giggles
213. reading library books on the couch
214. listening to caleb read
215. a healthy 16 month old who knows his mind
216. baby smiles
217. the unconditional love of a child
218. early bedtimes
219. the world of imagination
220. mercy and grace new every morning

holy experience

Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Noah!

Dear Noah,

Happy 3rd Birthday!! You are such a blessing to your daddy and me. We love you so much! You are a funny boy. You make us laugh and smile all of the time. You are talking more and more. You adore your big brother and copy everything he does. Caleb loves you, too. You both love playing together- especially wrestling! And it always makes me happy to watch it. You still love to sit in my lap and play with my hair and that makes me happy, too. Buzz Lightyear is your superhero of choice and Daddy and I love to hear you yelling, "To Infinity and Beyond!" You make the best faces- we can always tell how you are feeling from your face. Your expressions are priceless. You are a great big brother to Josiah and like to help us take care of him. I can't imagine our family without you. I am thankful everyday that God blessed us with you.

Noah, your Daddy and I pray for you everyday. We pray you will grow into a godly man. One like your namesake who stood firm for the Lord even when everyone around him mocked and laughed and turned away. We want you to love Jesus and follow him always. And we want you to always know how very much we love you- no matter what, forever and ever. Happy Birthday, Buddy!

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Boys on the News!!

A local news channel came by today where we were sledding and got all of the boys having fun... they even interviewed Caleb. The reporter said Caleb was "the best kid interview I've ever done... ever." Are you even slightly surprised by that?!? Here is the video!

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Great Lightsaber War of 2011

Caleb and Noah each got a lightsaber from Nana and Pawpaw for Christmas. And today, the boys and I were at Walmart and decided to get Daddy an early birthday present.... his own lightsaber!! It didn't take long for the Great Lightsaber War of 2011 to ensue!