Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

For the past few Halloween's I've had a lot of fun making the boys' costumes. Plus, they are cheaper and cuter than the ones in the store! As I thought about this year, Superheroes kept coming to mind. The boys love to play Superheroes. They love Batman, Spiderman, Captain America.... but more often than not they come up with their own heroes. So, I decided it would be fun to create our own Superheroes for Halloween. Caleb is currently obsessed with grizzly bears so his superhero is Grizzly Man. Noah's came out of the blue.... Dragon Man- he breathes fire! And Josiah was Lion Man. I had Jack design their superhero logos on the computer and then I created their costumes... I mean superhero disguises. I think they turned out pretty cool and the boys loved them. Eden was of course, a princess. One who if faithfully protected by three heroes. :)

 Dragon Man

Grizzly Man

 Lion Man

 Their Capes

 Princess Eden

What am I going as this year? Well, the Queen of this castle, and my favorite superhero Supermom! :)

Snapshots in Homeschooling

Here's what Caleb has been working on lately:

Bible Costumes: Clothing Then and Now

 The Bible is God's "letter" to us. Caleb could write a letter to anyone he wanted to. He chose his betrothed, Ava. :) He wrote it all by himself.

Hebrew and Greek:

An apple tree's seasons:

Write about your Fall Break trip: (again, all by himself)

Memorizing many verses in Proverbs. This one is especially applicable when dealing with our brothers:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Retreat

Last weekend was Fall Break at Winthrop so Jack planned a Fall Retreat for the BCM students. The kids and I joined them and we had a wonderful weekend. Saturday Jack and I planned an adventure similar to The Amazing Race. We split the students into teams and they had to decode clues, complete tasks and travel to several locations before finally arriving at our destination- Andy's Trout Farm in the mountains along the GA/NC border. We had a wonderful weekend. The weather was beautiful. We relaxed and had such fun hanging out together. I love college ministry. Really, really love it. And I love the way the college students love our kids. I love how much Jack love it- how it fits him so perfectly. There are so many wonderful pictures from our long weekend in the mountains. I had to choose a few.... ok, so more than a few! But I couldn't help it! Here are some of my favorite shots from the weekend

Love this man!

I love Noah's reaction to Caleb catching a fish in the next two pictures!

 Notice that when Noah caught his fish he ran away!!

Then he came back!

 Mommy caught a fish, too! I couldn't get Josiah to come any closer!

Trying to find a signal... it was kind of nice to have no service for a few days!

My sweet friend, Ruth