Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Josiah!

My dearest Siah-Monkey,

How can you be 5 already? You are growing so fast! Just this week I was looking at you and thinking how much taller you are!

You are the life of the party, Josiah Robert. Your facial expressions tell a story all their own. You laugh, you act crazy and you have fun. This family would be boring without you here.

You are super cool. At 5 years old, you already have more style than your dad and I put together. Luke keeps saying he's gonna get you a flat bill, and I gotta admit, you could pull it off.

It's quite possible you will be the best athlete in this family- you are tough, and fast and coordinated. I can't wait to watch you play soccer this fall. I think you will do great!

 I am so glad that even though you are growing up so fast, you still love to hold my hand, give hugs and kisses and snuggle with me on the couch. I will miss these days when they are gone. You are one sweet, sweet boy.

You love school- you love to read, but most of all you love to spout off math facts. "Mom, 4+4 is 8. And 3+3 is 6." "Mom, 5+2 is 7" will be heard a random times- in the car, while I'm cooking. I'm not even sure where you learned these facts! Smarty pants!

You learned how to ride without training wheels this year. We didn't think you were ready. You were only 4. But you INSISTED we take your training wheels off.... and then you just started riding!

Josiah, you are a treasure and a gift to me. I love you more than words can say. God gave you to me after a hard season in my life. What a beautiful gift of His grace you are to me. I pray that God will continue to use you. That you would grow to be a man who knows and loves Jesus, who draws people to Christ. I pray that your outgoing, happy personality will display the joy found in Christ to everyone who meets you. Happy 5th Birthday, monkey!! I love you, no matter what, forever and ever.



Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Farm Table and New Rooms

For a while now I have been wanting Jack to build me a farm table. Our current table holds 6- which works well for normal days. But if we have anyone over for dinner, even just one person, our table is too small. I love the look of a farm table- and I wanted a big one. To make that happen, some rooms would have to change. I thought it would be a ways down the road before that could happen, but then I had an idea- what if my awesome farm table had a drawer for each child and could also be our school table? And our summer projects were born!

I switched our current school/playroom that is an extension of our kitchen with our formal dining room. Now our old dining room is the kids' playroom and the old playroom is now a large eat in kitchen with a beautiful 8 foot farm table. Here are the before/after pics:

Jack did an incredible job on the table. It is gorgeous. We got the wood at a sawmill- so it is imperfect with knots and swirls and I LOVE IT. And it has 4 drawers to hold this kids' pencils, crayons, Bibles and notebooks. I still have to refinish the chairs. The table holds 10 easily! The centerpiece is a work in progress.

As an added bonus, what used to be the playroom has a fireplace- that we never used because it was in the playroom. But now it is in the awesome country kitchen! I found an awesome old mantel and fireplace surround at this place in North Carolina called Cline's Antiques for $50. I don't really know how to describe this place- kind of like the places that you see on American Pickers- barns and out buildings and trailers and fields full of junk and antiques and trash and treasures. I still have find things for the mantel and hearth, but it's already looking so great.

I also found this window at Cline's for $2! After I got it home I realized it had blue paint on it. It was perfect to hang on the big wall.

Then I used some reclaimed wood from an old shed to make a word art piece. Jack helped me attach the boards together and I dry painted them with a blue paint. I had Jack use his graphic design skills to put the phrases I liked together. Then I ordered the words in vinyl wall lettering from a local print shop. It looks great beside the window!

I reorganized the built in desk so that Caleb will be able to sit there and do his computer work. Everyone's books and curriculum are in the bins so they can be easily transported to the farm table for school each day.

All the kids' toys fit nicely in the new playroom- I got a second bin organizer and threw away 3 trashbags of things!

I really love the way everything turned out so far! I have another trip to Cline's in September to look for mantel and center piece decor. Ready to have a big dinner party now!