Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Floors

We have spent the past three weekends installing new floors in the main part of our house and in our bathrooms and laundry rooms. I say we, but really it's been Jack with some help from our friend David. It has been quite a process, but we are pretty happy with the results. What do you think?

Guest Bathroom

Master Bathroom

Living Room

Dining Room

View from Front Door


Stairs going up to bedrooms

Downstairs landing/foyer

Laundry Room

Stairs going up to living room

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just Because

Just because I think my kids are adorable.... just because most of you live far away and cannot see them everyday..... just because we have a fancy camera to take lots of pictures.... just because we had a warm day and went to the park.... just because they have big blue eyes..... just because Josiah has started smiling with his tongue.... just because they seem to change with each passing day... just because I long to preserve the little moments as much as the big ones.....


Good Deals

So, I wasn't going to keep blogging about my grocery shopping deals cause I know it's really not all that interesting to anyone but me... but this week was unbelievable! Even I was shocked at how much I saved. I just couldn't resist letting you know all about it.

Total before sales and coupons: $42.33
Total Out of Pocket: $23.71
Total Savings: $18.62

So, that's pretty good at Kroger, but the amazing deal this week was at Publix. Check this out!

Total before sales and coupons: $108.76
Total out of pocket: $49.42
Total Savings: $59.34!!!!

Yes, you read that correctly! My total before sales and coupons was over $100 and my total out of pocket was less than $50!! I saved almost $60 this week just at Publix. Overall this week I saved $77.96 and spent only $73.13. Pretty awesome if I do say so myself!

Monday, February 22, 2010

1,000 Gifts

At this rate, Caleb will be in college before I get to 1,000! So, I am going to make an effort to list my gifts every Monday from now on. It will be a good way to start to week! So here are some more little things I am grateful for:

48. warm weather
49. mexcian food
50. new floors
51. snuggles
52. photographs
53. wet toddler kisses
54. weekends
55. blue eyes
56. naps
57. good morning mommy
58. quiet
59. baby smiles
60. a dishwasher

holy experience

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Valentine

So, I am about 4 days late with this post, but since Valentine's Day is not something we usually focus on in our house, I guess it doesn't matter much. But in honor of Valentine's Day I wanted to write a post about my husband. I am one blessed woman, that is for sure. Jack fills my life with joy everyday. I couldn't have a better man for my husband.

He works hard for our family. Right now he is downstairs tearing our our old nasty carpet and laying new floors. He spent the weekend laying new floors in our bathrooms. And he does it happily- not begrudgingly. I love that about him- the manly things. The way he can fix things in our house or our cars or our yard. I never worry about that stuff cause I have a handy husband.

And he is a godly man. He challenges me all the time in my own walk. The highlight of my week is getting to hear him preach on Wednesday nights. I am so proud of him. God has given him quite a gift for preaching. And I love sitting under his teaching. And I love that he doesn't water it down just cause he's preaching to students. I love his passion for the truth and for the word and his deep desire to share God's truth with the students- all of it- not just the easy stuff or the funny stuff or the surface stuff- but the deep, hard, life-changing stuff. He's awesome.

And I love the kind of father he is. Watching him love our boys makes me love him all the more. He is an incredible father- involved, present, loving, and fun. I love, love, love that he is so hands on with our boys- he feeds them, changes their diapers, plays with them, reads with them, spends his off days investing in their lives and everynight it is Jack that give them their bath.

I love that he never makes me feel guilty when I've not managed to get housework done. I love that he helps with the housework. I love that he never makes me feel guilty for having a cleaning lady twice a month. He trys to hard to understand how hard some days are for me and he's always there to help.

And here's the best part... I really like him. Seriously. If he wasn't my husband, I'd still want to be his friend. I like hanging out with him. I like talking to him. He is a great friend. My best friend.

Happy Valentine's Day, baby. I love you. Thank you for being you. Thank you for loving me. Thank you, Lord for the gift of my husband. Please help me to be the godly wife he deserves, the kind of wife you have called me to be, the match to the godly husband you have given me.

10 years ago in June- the summer of 2000 when we met

Our first Christmas married- 2001

Fall 2003

Spring 2008


Summer 2008

Summer 2009
We don't have any more recent pictures and actually I think these are the only ones I have of us together from 2006 on. Why? Cause we had kids and stopped taking pictures of us!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

4 years already

Today is Caleb's 4th birthday. I just can't believe how quickly the past four years have flown. Caleb is such a blessing in our lives. He is funny and very smart. He asked me to teach him how to read a few weeks ago and I am planning on starting soon, funny thing is, he's already reading on his own. He's figured out how to sound out a lot of words! We have been reading simple books together and he can read a few words on every page! I am bursting with pride. Caleb adores his brothers. He loves to take care of them. He and Noah love each other so much and every night I love listening to them talk and giggle as they fall asleep. Caleb can talk your head off. Really, he can. He talks almost nonstop and as he grows I am really enjoying the conversations we are able to have.

Today he wanted cookies so we baked and decorated sugar cookies and then he opened his gifts. We gave him Toy Story 2 which was a big hit! When Josiah and Noah went down for their naps, Caleb cuddled with me on the couch and we watched the movie together. It was one of the most precious moments. I hope I never forget it. He's growing so fast. I am trying to cherish each moment God gives us with this precious boy. February 17, 2006 our lives were forever changed with the gift of our first son. We love you, Caleb! May God bless your life, draw you close to Him and grow you into a man after His heart.

February 17, 2006- 6:01 pm, 8lbs. 3 oz.

One month old in Daddy's hand

Six weeks old

Two months old

10 months old

1 year old

14 months old in Daddy's shirt

19 months old

21 months old

23 months- A new big brother!

2 years old

2 1/2 years old

2 years 9 months

3 years old

3 1/2 years old

3 1/3 years old holding Josiah

My precious blue-eyed boy

4 years old- Happy Birthday Buddy!