Christmas Part 2

Oh my goodness, will I ever get caught up with blogging? Probably not!

After our wonderful three days at the beach, we came home to enjoy Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We spent some quality time together making Christmas cookies, taking pictures and going to church both Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. This year, the boys' big present was dress up toys. They each got two costumes (that I got after Halloween for 90% off!), swords and shields. Christmas morning was a lot of fun watching them open their gifts and get to enjoy them. We also took the kids Christmas shopping for each other. Caleb and Noah shopped for each other and Josiah and Eden shopped for each other. I took Noah and Josiah, Jack took Caleb and Eden. Caleb and Noah were delighted on Christmas morning to find that they had actually chosen the same gift for the other! How sweet is that! They both got the other a Power Rangers Samurai Sword. Loved seeing their reaction. Eden had no idea what was going on and really wanted to eat the wrapping paper. Josiah's reactions were priceless- that kid is so expressive! He got excited about every single gift.

When Jack and I got married, we decided that once we had children we weren't going to travel on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. We wanted our children to be able to celebrate in our home and be able to enjoy their gifts before we packed them up in a car to travel here or there. We are both so glad we made that decision. I just treasure our Christmas traditions. I love that Jack reads Luke 2 on Christmas Eve. I love going to church as a family. I love staying up with Jack to get all of the presents laid out. I love watching my kids open their gifts. I love spending a calm and relaxing Christmas day together, watching the kids play with their gifts. Wbat a beautiful, wonderful Christmas we had at home.

Then on the morning of the 26th, we packed up the van and headed up to Virginia to visit Nana and Paw-Paw's house for Christmas. We were very excited this year because Aunt Audra, Uncle Hamp and Koty were also at Nana and Paw-Paw's house! You'll never guess what they boys got from Nana and Paw-Paw.... guns and swords!! Ha! This was the weapon Christmas I guess! We really enjoyed our time in Virginia. The boys got to spend some fun time playing with Koty. Their favorite activity at Nana and Paw-Paw's new house is riding the Diego tricycles down their very steep driveway as fast as they can. Almost fast enough to give a momma a heart attack! We went into Danville to a science museum on a cold/rainy day and the kids had fun with all of the interactive exhibits. We spent nice quality time together and the kids all had a great time- even Eden who got a double ear infection. Poor baby! But she was still a trooper.

Christmas was wonderful this year. Full of family time, love and laughter. Filled with the awe and wonder of the birth of Christ. We couldn't have asked for more.

Christmas Eve:

Christmas Day:

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