Homeschool Conference

After much prayer and consideration, we've decided to venture into the world of Homeschool! Caleb will start Kindergarten this August. We began this journey of praying about homeschooling about a year ago. Last year, I was able to attend the Georgia Home Education Association conference for free as the mother of a preschooler. After attending the conference, I came home feeling very encouraged and enabled to homeschool our kids!

Jack has been very supportive and helpful in this entire process, helping me think through all of the various things we want to do as a family. For us, it really came down to wanting to deeply impact our children's lives with the Gospel and feeling like to best to that we didn't want them to be in the care of someone else for 8 hours a day, 180 days a year. We really feel like this is the right decision for our family. This year, the South Carolina conference was while Jack was in Puerto Rico and I really wanted him to come with me. So, instead we attended the conference in Georgia again.

We were so encouraged and challenged by Voddie Baucham and Ken Hamm, the keynote speakers. And we were able to spend hours in the vendor hall checking out all of the curriculum. At first the curriculum hall overwhelmed me.... so many choices, what was right?? But my loving and patient husband helped me think through so many things and in the end we found curriculum we are really excited about.

Caleb is pretty advanced for his age, so instead of doing a Kindergarten currculum, we chose 1st grade. We'll be using My Father's World 1st Grade for Phonics/Reading, Writing, Bible and Science. We chose Horizon's Math 1st Grade. We fell in love with a handwriting curriculum called A Reason for Handwriting that is completely scripture based!  The Bible will serve as our Social Studies curriculum, but I am also going to use read alouds and guided reading to incorporate Socail Studies themes and units. I am so excited about our school year and so is Caleb. He asks me on a daily basis if we can start school!

I am really looking forward to investing in Caleb's life and teaching him. I am excited to put my degree back to work. I am excited about Noah and Josiah getting to get in our some of our lessons. I am realistic- I know it won't be easy and I know there will be challenges, but I am still excited!


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