Vacation 2014

We had another wonderful week in Myrtle Beach for vacation this year. For the past 4 years, God has provided a wonderful condo for us to rent. If you are in ministry, we highly recommend this condo. The owner rents it to those in ministry to bless them, their families and their ministries with a chance to get away, be refreshed and reconnect with each other. And that is just what we did!

The weather was wonderful! The beginning of the week a "cold front" came through and temperatures were in the upper 70s. It was just perfect. We stayed on the beach for hours each morning, even bringing our lunch with us so we could stay longer! The kids spent a ton of time the water this year- jumping and riding waves. And one day was perfect kite flying weather. After the beach each day we went swimming in the pool, took naps and went out for more fun. By the end of the week the tempts got into the 90s and we really enjoyed the pool! We went for a walk on the boardwalk and the kids spent some of their allowance on some ice cream cones. Then we let them go into the arcade for the first time. Most of the games were a quarter and they had a great time playing them. They were the only kids in the arcade, so all the retired couples playing pinball and college students playing skeeball gave our kids their tickets for prizes! It was a highlight of the week for the kids. One night we played putt-putt. We tried a new place this year- a Captain Hook themed one. It was a lot of fun! Another night we went out to dinner and then took pictures on the beach. Even though it was super windy we got some great shots. After pictures, we took the kids to a gift shop to spend some of the money Nana and Paw-Paw gave them. The boys all got toy sharks to play with in the pool and shark necklaces. Eden got a pink bucket and shovel and a bracelet. Another night we went for a walk on the beach and collected sea shells and took pictures under the pier. Then we let the kids spend the rest of their money from Nana and Pawpaw at the arcade again. And another night, we let the kids go swimming the pool at sunset and into the night. As a kid, I always loved swimming in the pool on vacation a night with all the lights on. The kids loved it!

It was a wonderful vacation. Honestly, at one point as I sat on the beach listening to the waves and my kids squeals and laughter, and watching the joy on their faces, I found myself crying tears of such thankfulness and joy. Everyday is such a gift- even the hard ones. But last week, I found myself having many sweet days, filled with such precious moments. I tried to notice them. I tried to memorize them. I gave the thanks back to the One who gave them to me.

We took so many pictures, it's too hard to choose favorites! Here are some (lots):


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