Josiah and Eden- End of the Year Performance 2014

Josiah and Eden had their end of the year performance at their preschool last week. They did a great job. Their classes performed at the same time so I had to go back and forth with the camera. Eden's class then left and Josiah's class performed more songs. If I had known that, I would have just filmed Eden for those first few songs and then filmed Josiah when his class performed alone. My favorite part is when Eden just starts dancing all on her own- I wish I had a video of just her dancing the whole time. It was awesome. What a ham she is! Josiah did a great job remembering all the moves to the many songs.

 I hope you enjoy the video! It is 18 minutes long- so it's really just here for the grandparents to see! (And Jack who is in NY on a mission trip and missed the performance). Eden's dance solo is at 4:55, if you want to catch that!


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