The days are long, but the years are short

Ever heard that saying?

It's true.

The days here, in my house, with these four littles, homeschooling, diapering, playing, laundering, cleaning, cooking, refereeing... Yes. Some of these days are most certainly long. So long I wonder if I will make it to the end. So long I wonder what will be left of me for my husband when he gets home.

But the years? They are so short. So fast. So fleeting. I can't believe how they have gone by. Jack stumbled into this video yesterday from our first trip to the zoo with Caleb and Noah.

I just don't feel like so much time has gone by. That that sweet little two year old chubby cheeked boy obsessed with animals could so quickly become THIS 7 year old intelligent, well-spoken boy obsessed with animals.

It's why at the end of everyday, what I never regret are the hours I spent here. At the end of those sometimes long days, I don't regret the time I spent with these faces. The investment made in these little hearts. The effort extended to love, serve, and teach these little people is so worth it.

It's really all about perspective. About choosing joy on hard days and happy days. About trusting that His grace really is sufficient, especially because I am not. About remembering how these years will fly by. About knowing that they are here with me for just a season.

This. Now. Today. His gifts abound. His grace is evident. His love is overflowing. And I see it in the faces of these little people, if I would just look. And remember.


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