First Day of Preschool (about a month late!)

Josiah and Eden go two mornings a week to a church preschool here in town. This year, since Eden turned 2 in July, it is Eden's first year in preschool. I just can't believe my littlest baby is going to school! She was just precious on her first day. Jack always takes them on his way to work and he said she got a little fussy at drop-off but then went right on in. Her teachers said she had a great day. And in the past month, she has done really well!

As hard as it was to send her off, it sure has made homeschooling on Monday and Wednesday mornings easier! Caleb and Noah are often able to get a lot accomplished without the distraction of Josiah and Eden. And getting more done on those two days also make Tuesdays and Thursdays easier!

Here are my two cuties on their first day of preschool 2013!


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