5 Years of Joy

I cannot, simply cannot, believe that Noah is 5 years old today. How fast these years have flown!

Dearest Noah,
Happy 5th Birthday!! What a joy you are to me and Daddy. Everyday you make us smile. You are funny, sweet and sensitive.

I love your heart. You are so compassionate. You constantly give of yourself for your brothers. If they are hurting or sad, you are the first to offer comfort. When they want a toy, you are the first to give yours up. I love that about you.

I love to listen to you and Caleb talking in the back seat of the car. You are best friends. It makes me so happy to watch you both together. I love when Caleb makes you laugh. Your laugh is just the best sound.

And I love to watch you play with Josiah. I love the way he listens to what you say. I love the way you move so easily between your brothers.

I love the way you are with your sister. I love the way you light up when shes say, "Oh-Ah." You always want to help her and get things for her.

You are getting so big. You are reading now and love school. I love being your teacher and watching your face as you figure out what a word says. You are so tall!! You are already wearing size 6 clothes and your feet are as big as Caleb's. But even though you're so big, you are still my snuggle bug. I love that so much. You still sit in my lap and twirl my hair around your finger. I love that when you are tired, you twirl your own hair. 

Noah, we are so proud of you. Daddy and I pray everyday that God will grow your love for Him. I can already see that happening. I love watching you learn about Jesus and growing in your knowledge of Him. We are praying you will grow into a man who follows hard after God. We know that he is going to use your compassionate heart to touch so many lives. We are so thankful that God gave us you. We love you, Noah-bear.

PS- We love you MORE!


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