A Sweet Place

As we walked back to our house from the Winthrop baseball game and Charlotte Eagles soccer game, my heart was so full. I've been thinking back over that feeling a lot lately. Jack and I talked about it a few nights later. And I just can't keep from sharing it on here.

We are in such a sweet place in life right now. There have been highs throughout our life together, but also great lows. The years before we moved to Rock Hill had some wonderful moments, but were also quite difficult for many reasons and in different ways. But we felt God's presence throughout it all and trusted in His sovereign love and plan for us. And right now I honestly feel like He's brought us out of a valley to a place of still waters, a restored soul kind of place. A peace that passes all understanding kind of place. The feel like you are right where you are supposed to be kind of place. The place of seeing God.

Jack loves his job. Truly, honestly loves his job. And he is good at it. No, he's great at it. And watching him love his job, seeing him flourish in his ministry, well there is nothing like it for this wife. I love his job, too. I really love collegiate ministry. I love spending time with college girls, two in particular who I've developed a great, Jesus-filled relationship with. I love the way the college students love our kids. The boys absolutely think the college students are their friends. The BCM feels like home.

We love our church. I love getting to go to church with my husband and my children. I love the community we have there. Deep preaching. Authentic worship. Friends.

I love having four children. It feels complete. Right. Fun. I love homeschooling. I love having a daughter.

We really love Rock Hill. It has a great small town feel.... community. Parks. Festivals. We love our neighborhood. It's old. With big trees. Right by campus. I even love our little house. How perfect it has become for us. Home.

A sweet place. I don't know how else to describe it. Sweet. All around sweet. God has been faithful. And He's taught me so much. About seeing Him. About grace. Everything grace. And no matter whether things stay sweet or circumstance changes, I've learned joy, contentment, peace by counting all of His grace.

451. walks in the cool of the morning
452. dew on the grass
453. sermons on ipod
454. hot tea on a cool night
455. the autobots
456. a baby girl's wave
455. "bye-bye"
456. siah's bedtime kisses
457. new recipes
458. a kind word from a stranger at the store
459. bike rides
460. frozen yogurt
461. visiting the past
462. sappy movies
463. theology talks over coffee
464. frog jumping
465. daddy the coach
466. caleb's prayer over eden
467. the big two, best friends
468. hearing their giggles in the next room and finding this
469. dirty feet
470. "saul hated jesus, then jesus changed his life"
471. all tuckered out
472. sunday nights
473. boys "exercising" in the backyard
474. mrs. katie
475. little miss blue eyes


Virginia said…
This makes me smile so big. God is good. So good.
O'Dell Family said…
I LOVE that y'all are in such a happy, sweet place right now! I love it! We can totally relate to so much of your story, so much! Love keeping up with y'all on here :)

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