Easter Sunday

Today we woke up and found that our black rocks of sin had been replaced with baskets full of blessings. Just like Jesus took our sinful hearts and made us new! After checking out our baskets we made resurrection rolls for breakfast and got dressed for church. Our church service was wonderful this morning. So good to be reminded of all Christ endured for my sin. Motivation to run this race and turn away from those things that so easily entangle. I loved worshipping with Caleb and Jack this morning. Caleb stood between us and linked arms with both of us as we sang Chris Tomlin's "Our God" (Caleb's new favorite song). It is so moving for me to hear my children sing praises to the Lord.

After church we went to Glencairn Gardens for an Easter picnic and tried our best to get a good family picture in our Easter finest. Eden was not really in the mood for pictures most of the day, but we did manage to get a few good ones. We took 608 pictures today.... seriously, no exaggeration! And ended up with about 50 that were good. Digital cameras sure are great! Our friend Ruth was able to join us for lunch and we had a wonderful time relaxing and enjoying the beautiful day.


Ivy Agraviador said…
Loved reading tthis thanks

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