A Decade

Today, is our 10 year wedding anniversary. I am actually typing this at 2:00 pm., the time of our wedding! What a decade this has been. We got married and had a two day honeymoon since on Monday the 6th I had my first open house as a teacher. We moved to Wake Forest and Jack started seminary, I started teaching. We had the best 3 1/2 years in Wake Forest and made life-long friendships. We still look back on those years with such joy.

And then we moved to Georgia and Jack started his first full-time pastor position. We bought our first home (which we still own, by the way. Thanks housing market!). We started our family there. First, Caleb in 2006. Then Noah in 2008 and finally Josiah in 2009. Those were growing years- years full of joy, and years full of trials. There were really great moments in our marriage. There were really hard ones, too. Let's be honest- ministry is hard. But our marriage is all the fuller for it.

And then another move in 2010- a new ministry- a new home- a new city- new friends- and the newest experience of all in 2011- a daughter!

Ten years later, I'd still go anywhere with him- like a mission trip to Alaska or Haiti, and a cruise to the Caribbean, or a life changing trip to Africa. Like a move to North Carolina, Georgia and South Carolina. I'd still weather the hard times with him. I'd still enjoy every adventure with him. I'd still love the small moments- his tears at the birth of our first child, the handmade origami flowers that still sit on my piano, breakfast in bed with all of our kids (and their crumbs!), homemade biscuits, foot rubs, holding hands, surprise trips, an awesome bed and breakfast. And all the big ones, too- the way he fathers our sons, watching him with our daughter, the way he makes time for us, how important I feel to him, the way he loves Jesus, the way he is Jesus for our family.

Ten years and four beautiful children later, I'd do it all again in a heartbeat. Ten years from now, we'll have a 15 year old, 13 year old, 12 year old and 10 year old! Holy cow! And if the next ten years are like the first- we'll have great times and hard times, joys and heartache, work and play, and I will love him even more than I do today. Happy Anniversary, babe! Here's to the next decade!


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