Summer Fun

This summer I was determined that we were not going to be stuck in the house all day everyday. Yes, I am very pregnant and it is very hot, but being inside all day long invites conflicts, and messes. So, I created a summer calendar with things for us to get out of the house and do at least 3 days a week. We have a park day where we go to a local park and do a craft or activity (like "Shake and Make Ice Cream"- so good!) and then play. We still have weekly storytime at the library on Tuesday, but on Wednesdays all summer the library also has special summer programming which we have gone to.

And this summer we started letterboxing. It is really fun! On Fridays we have gotten clues online to some local letterboxes and headed out on a "treasure hunt." Letterboxes are planted by people all over the country in parks and public places, even in some backyards! Hidden in usually a tupperware box is a small notebook and a stamp. We have with us a small notebook and our own stamp representing our team. We decided to name our team "Six Silly Monkeys" and our stamp is of monkeys dancing. You follow the clues until you find the letterbox, usually buried in a hole, or under a log. You put your stamp and the date in the log book in the letterbox and you take the letterbox stamp and put it in your log book. It has been really fun! For more information about letterboxing check out

I've also tried to plan a few day trips here and there. One Friday we went to Columbia to the Riverbanks Zoo and then we had a picnic lunch and went to a Splash Park. Fun day. We had planned to go to Charlotte last Friday for letterboxing and a splash park, but we just didn't make it- Jack had been preaching all week at World Changers here in Rock Hill and we spent the morning taking popcicles to the crews instead. We bought a pool for the backyard which the boys have enjoyed quite a bit. And today we surprised the boys with a trip to a spray park in nearby Fort Mill.

All in all, I'd say we've had a pretty fun summer so far! Here are some pictures of our summer adventures!

Day Trip to Columbia- Zoo and Splash Park

The awesome baby gift my parents got for us.... a Double Jogging Stroller!!

Our backyard pool

Spray park in Fort Mill on July 4


Courtney said…
Hooray for Fort Mill! I didn't even know there is a spray park there. Where is it?!
Carrie said…
Courtney, it is in the Steele Street Park- not far off of Main St. The spray pad is small, but we were the only ones there and it is shaded which is nice, too!

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