Weekend Fun

So, this weekend we wanted to plant our garden and build a swingset for the boys. But they were calling for heavy rain and possible severe weather for Saturday. What were we to do? Squeeze it all into Friday of course! Jack took a long lunch and we went to buy our vegetables for our garden. This year we decided to plant squash, zucchini, corn, green beans, purple hull peas, romaine lettuce and strawberries. The boys each got a tomato plant last weekend at the Come See Me festival, so we planted those too! While we were out we also bought the supplies to build the boys a swingset. They have been dying to swing. They found the baby swings in the storage closet and took them in the backyard and tried their hardest to get them hooked up to a tree so they could swing! So after lunch and shopping, Jack went back to work and the boys and I planted our garden. We had a lot of fun! The neighbor behind us warned us of rabbits, so we made sure to put a fence up around our garden. Then when Daddy got home he got started on the swingset. It looks great! I am always so proud of how handy my man is! The boys got to swing for a good 30 minutes last night while Jack and I finished the garden fence. Then we all realized it was 8:00 and we hadn't had dinner! So, while the very healthy pizza bagels were in the oven, I very quickly bathed all three boys and they had dinner at about 8:15 last night! But it was all worth it! Here are the pics of the garden and swingset. I need to get some of the boys on the swingset, but we'll have to wait for daylight!

This is the garden today after our pounding rains this morning. A little smooshed, but the water was good for it!

There is room to put up our other baby swing for Eden!

And of course, we got those pounding rains this morning. Soccer was cancelled and we were rained in. So, Jack went to Redbox and got us a movie to watch. We popped popcorn and enjoyed Megamind. By the time the movie finished, so had the rain! The boys were DYING to go outside, so I let them wear their rain boots and splash to their hearts content in the puddles. Our driveway puddles up a lot where we park our cars. I got some great video, but Jack will have to edit it to make the file smaller for the blog. But I also took some great photos. We even let Josiah wear his crocs and get in on the fun! 

And tomorrow marks the end of the Come See Me Festival. It was supposed to be today, but they postponed it due to the rain. So, be on the lookout next week for a post with lots of pictures of our week of Festival fun!


rmfujino said…
this warms my heart. i just love your family.

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