Happy Birthday Noah!

Dear Noah,

Happy 3rd Birthday!! You are such a blessing to your daddy and me. We love you so much! You are a funny boy. You make us laugh and smile all of the time. You are talking more and more. You adore your big brother and copy everything he does. Caleb loves you, too. You both love playing together- especially wrestling! And it always makes me happy to watch it. You still love to sit in my lap and play with my hair and that makes me happy, too. Buzz Lightyear is your superhero of choice and Daddy and I love to hear you yelling, "To Infinity and Beyond!" You make the best faces- we can always tell how you are feeling from your face. Your expressions are priceless. You are a great big brother to Josiah and like to help us take care of him. I can't imagine our family without you. I am thankful everyday that God blessed us with you.

Noah, your Daddy and I pray for you everyday. We pray you will grow into a godly man. One like your namesake who stood firm for the Lord even when everyone around him mocked and laughed and turned away. We want you to love Jesus and follow him always. And we want you to always know how very much we love you- no matter what, forever and ever. Happy Birthday, Buddy!


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