Costumes and Candy and Fun, Oh My!

What a weekend we had! Once again, we decided to make the boys costumes this year- to save money, but also to create fun memories. Caleb was Sheriff Woody and Noah was Buzz Lightyear! And Josiah was a pumpkin when the weather was warmer and a lion when it turned cooler. Our fun filled weekend started on Thursday night for our weekly trip to Chick-fil-a for Family Night. This week was Costume Night. We had a lot of fun. Noah wore his entire Buzz Lightyear costume, wings and all, for the first time. And we quickly discovered that his wings were just a little too much for him to handle! They made the suit quite heavy and also very wide! We had to open both doors to get into Chick-fil-a! Here are pics from Thursday night!

Friday brought a costume alteration and Fall Festival at our church. The weather was a little cooler, so Josiah changed from a pumpkin to a lion. The boys had a great time playing carnival games and jumping in the larger inflatables. Here are pictures from Friday:

Saturday we drove up to Mom and Dad's for the day. They have a neat tradition in Clarksville where all of the children go Trick or Treating on the town's square and tbe businesses hand out candy. We arrived around lunch time. We cooked hot dogs over a fire and ate cupcakes. The five cousins played in the yard and then they all donned their costumes- Dr. Hayden Gailey, Buzz Lightyear, Sheriff Woody, and two little lion cubs. We went trick or treating on the square, ate pizza for dinner and then headed out to Truett for "Treats at Truett". The entire college was transformed into an amazing community event- roasting marshmallows and making smores, a fun house, the gym was full of carnival games, one dorm was for trick or treating- the girls sat outside their doors and handed out candy as the kids paraded up and down the halls, another dorm was face painting. Jack and I were really impressed and the boys had so much fun!

It was a wonderful, fun filled weekend. Now, if I can just get these kids to come down from their sugar high!


O'Dell Family said…
What a cute post! So fun that y'all got to do so many fun things and wear the costumes more than once! Been thinking of you lots.
Virginia said…
I love the costumes- they are amazing! So adorable!

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