Summertime Fun!

So, VBS is officially over. It was a wonderful week! We had 88 kids come through our VBS and on Thursday night 7 prayed to receive Christ! God is good! But boy am I exhausted! Being the VBS Director was great fun and I really enjoyed each night, but it was a lot of work and for this pregnant momma of 2, it was very tiring!

And Saturday, Jack left for a week of World Changers in Tallahassee, FL. So, rather than spend this week as a single exhausted mother, we decided to head up to my parent's house. And as it turns out, Jack needed Dad to drive the bus again this year, so Pop-pop is at World Changers too, leaving Grammy here by herself this week!

So, today we spent this hot Georgia day out in the backyard having lots of summertime fun. Caleb and Hayden tried the Slip n Slide for the first time and once the water warmed up, Noah enjoyed the pool. Caleb is like a fish when it comes to the water. He amazes us! He jumped in the pool fully clothed last night just as soon as Grammy filled it with the hose, so it was FREEZING! But it didn't even faze him!

It is so wonderful to have another pair of hands to help me this week and also a whole new set of toys to entertain the boys. They are having a blast! Tomorrow we hope to take a picnic to either the city pool or a lakeside beach. Should be fun!

Thought I'd upload some pics from today and a video of the boys playing. Hopefully Daddy and Pop-Pop can get to a computer and see this! We love and miss you!!!!

Noah looking cute in his swimmers and sun hat!

Caleb LOVES the water!

The Boys in the pool


love the pic of the boys in the pool:)

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