A Trip to Virginia

Well, here we are again! Another month has gone by.... I have such good intentions and yet somehow time gets away from me. Although once you hear about the month of February, you might know why.

We began the month with a long road trip to Warrenton, Virginia, my hometown. I haven't been back there for three years- since Caleb was a baby. And Jack hasn't been back since my parents moved 6 years ago! My very good friend, who I have known forever, Amy Todd was getting married on Valentine's Day. So, the Blankenships, Moffetts and Gaileys made the long trek from Georgia to Virginia. Stacey, Andrew and Hayden found a good deal on plane tickets and decided to fly. So the rest of us loaded up our van and took a road trip! The boys actually did very well, overall. There were moments of meltdowns and potty emergencies when there wasn't an exit for 8 miles, but really they did good.

We left on Thursday, drove to get Mom and Dad and then drove to Dublin, Virginia. We got there around 6:30 pm and everyone was exhausted. We checked into our hotel rooms and sent the men to pick-up McDonalds. As you can see from the pictures below- it was dinner in bed for the boys!

The hotel had an indoor heated pool, so after dinner we swam off some of that pent up energy from all day in carseats! Then the next morning we had about 3 more hours until we reached Warrenton.

We really had a great weekend visiting with old friends. I got to see my best friend Sarah, and her husband Jon, which was a great treat since it has been three years! The wedding was great and the boys had a wonderful time at the "party" (as Caleb called the reception!). Their version of dancing was running and sliding on the dance floor with our good friend Becca's son Brennen! Noah eventually conked out fast asleep in Aunt Connie's arms! And Sunday morning we got back on the road, driving as far as Charlotte, NC before we stopped for the night and enjoyed a dinner at Cracker Barrell and another swim in an indoor pool! It was fun, but we were glad to get out of the car when we got home on Monday!

We came in the room to find Noah in our suitcase! Hayden thought this was funny so when I got the camera out he jumped in there too!

Caleb was quite the ladies man! He got all of the bridesmaids to read him a story!


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