Snow and a Day at the Zoo

So, this week the weather here was crazy. On Sunday, March 1, it snowed about 2 inches which is a significant amount for Metro Atlanta! We had a wonderful time playing in the snow. Caleb and I built a snowman which he allowed to live long enough for a picture and then he promptly destroyed it! Noah wasn't quite sure how to navigate in all of his bulky clothes and the snow and a couple of time just fell on his face into the snow! Poor Guy!

Then on Friday, March 6, just five days later, we took a trip to the zoo. That's right- on Sunday it snowed and on Friday is was 75 degrees and we went to the zoo! Once again we had a great time. I love our day trips to the zoo because they are totally free since we bought passes- we don't pay for parking and they allow you to bring in your own food so I always pack a picnic lunch for us to enjoy. The boys were great and the animals were all out in force. Noah loved the elephants and kept making his elephant noise as he raised his trunk. Of course Caleb was in charge, telling us where we were going next. We took lots of video and hopefully Jack can get it edited soon so you can all enjoy our day at the zoo with us.
The meerkat brothers

Two little birds nesting

Caleb checks out the panda

My three boys on the train!

Our usual family self-portrait!

Noah as his favorite animal- the elephant!Climbing on the lion cub statues- such sweet boys!
One happy Mama!

Those are the kind of days I love. Truly, nothing makes me happier than to spend time with my boys- all three of them. Whether in snow or sunny weather! Being their wife and mother is the greatest gift I have ever been given. I know that daily I fail them, but I continue to strive to be who God has called me to be for them. And for me truly this is a calling. I really have no desire to do anything else with my life but love them and take care of them. And come September, there will be another precious life to love! Yes, if you didn't already know it, I am pregnant! I am about 13 1/2 weeks along now and feeling good. Our official due date is September 7- but just as with Noah we will schedule a c-section at about 38 weeks so that will put us having this little one sometime the end of August. We are thrilled! And no, we truly don't care if it is a boy or a girl. I am so blessed to be a mother. That God would allow the miracle of another healthy pregnancy for us is all we want. I promise to update the blog more and keep you updated on the progress of our pregnancy and 0n Caleb and Noah as they grow and change too!

Baby #3 at about 8 1/2 weeks along!

Please join us as we pray for the precious baby I am carrying- for its health and development and that, as we pray for Caleb and Noah, it would come to know the great love the Father lavished on us, by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners. Truly, I long for my children, all three of them, to know this amazing grace and love and to never doubt it, never turn from it and to serve the One who gives it to us all of the days of their lives!


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