A Decade of Crazy Fun

Dearest Josiah Robert,

Today we have had you in our family for a whole decade! Can you believe you are 10 years old?!?!? I cannot. What a roller coaster of fun these 10 years have been.

Josiah, you are so much fun. Your laughter is contagious and your personality is BIG, as are your emotions. You are a deep feeler- when you feel something- joy, happiness, silliness, sadness, anger- you feel it big. What a gift this is- your ability to feel deeply and empathize. We are so thankful for this gift and pray that God will continue to help you use these big emotions for His glory and for your sanctification.

This past year was a big one for you. You were in your first full stage musical- with a solo!- and you LOVED every minute of it. Friends and family came to see you shine, and boy did you shine. We absolutely loved watching you.

You also made a really important decision. This summer at Camp McCall, you realized that although you knew the Gospel, you had not trusted the Gospel to save you. I'll always remember sitting with you after camp in the living room as you surrendered to the call of God and the Gospel on your life. Your heart was so open and so honest and it was a honor that God allowed your dad and I to witness it.

Since that moment, we have seen God working in your life, helping you learn to control your emotions and deal with the big feelings you have. We've seen so much growth in you already!

Josiah, your name means God Heals, and out of a season of pain and struggle, God gave us you. A son who laughs big, who loves big, who smiles big. You are a gift to this family. You challenge us, you love us, you help us feel,  you make us laugh and we are so thankful that God gave us you!

Happy 10th Birthday Siah! We are praying for you as God continues to do the work he has begun in you. We love you, no matter what, forever and ever!


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