The Great Girly Eight

Dearest Eden,

I missed everyone's birthday posts last year. I am determined not to miss them again this year though!

I can't believe you are eight already. The time is just flying by. What a precious eight years it has been. Adding you to this family was an unexpected joy. The Lord was so good to give us your effervescent spirit!

This past year you've grown so much. You are so tall, and since it's July, you are also so brown! It's been a joy to watch you blossom- to be a good friend, to understand the Word more, to love your brothers well.

Eden, you are a chatterbox! Who knew there were so many words to say?!?! I think you've spoken more words this year than Noah has his entire life! But I love our talks and our time together. You ask good questions and your desire to know the truth is wonderful. You are sensitive and compassionate. But tough with all the boys in your life- your brothers and the college guys too!

You still love to dance and sing. You still sing yourself to sleep at night and write your own songs. You are so excited to join Josiah doing musicals this year and I am positive you will love every minute.

Happy 8th birthday precious girl! We pray that you always know how much we love you, but even more how much God loves you. We pray you continue to grow in your love and knowledge of him. We love you no matter what forever and ever


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