The last birthday before the teen years is here....

Dearest Caleb,

You are 12 years old! Already! What a fun day we had today. You said you wanted to do something with animals for your birthday. We just went to the Zoo this week for our monthly homeschool class, so you asked if we could go to an aquarium. We went to the small Sea Life Aquarium in Charlotte and even did a "Back Stage Tour" to get to see how they care for the animals. Then you got to spend your birthday money at the Lego Store and the Disney Store. We ended the evening with pie and ice cream with friends. You asked for blueberry pie and ice cream instead of cake this year.

You year in review- you started serving at church on the sound/media team, doing the computer and the lights on Sunday mornings. My favorite moment from this year- one Sunday, Jordan forgot to put one of the songs into the slide show. When we got to song in the service, you didn't have any words to put on the screen..... so you typed onto the screen "Sorry no words." Oh my. I love you kid. Everyone chuckled, a friend helped you find the song and add it to the slide show and about halfway through, the words were there. And Jordan loved it. He said it was the perfect way to cut the tension of the moment.

You played Flag Football in the fall and I was so proud of the team mate that you were. You had one friend on the team, also named Caleb, but the rest of the team was strangers. You were a true team player- playing whatever position you were needed in and cheering for all your team mates. It thrilled me when you caught a touchdown pass because you had spent all season cheering for the rest of your team as they scored.

You are taking Algebra I this year and kicking tail. You are still a voracious reader- we can't keep books in your hands you read them so fast!

Caleb, it's so hard to put into words how I feel about you turning 12. You are growing up so fast and I really wish I could slow it down! But I also love watching you grow. You are growing into such a delightful and precious young man. You are smart and kind. You are a good friend and a natural leader. You are stubborn and sometimes too smart for your own good, but so is your momma, so you come by it naturally. I am so thankful for the way that God has been working in your heart this year. It is such a joy to watch you grow in Christlikeness and love for those around you. I am challenged by your devotion to the Word. You are a very special young man and I can't wait to see how God uses you for His glory. Caleb, your dad and I are so very grateful to be your parents. What a gift we were given 12 years ago! We pray that you would continue seeking the Lord, that He would draw you deeper into his grace and that you would grow in wisdom and knowledge of Him. Happy 12th birthday Bubby! We love you, no matter what, forever and ever.


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