Disney World Vacation- Day 1

For Fall Break we went to Disney World!

We had a wonderful trip. We stayed off the resort to save money and spent 3 days in the parks. We got to do almost everything we wanted to do. It really was an awesome time.

The kids are the perfect ages. Caleb is still young enough that he enjoyed everything- even the characters. Noah and Josiah were as well. And Eden was precious. She loved every moment with the princesses. We got to hug 10 princesses. She ran into their arms, asked them questions, and was just absolutely precious.

We spent our first day in Epcot and Animal Kingdom. In Epcot, the boys' favorite was Test Track. We got to ride the new Frozen ride, which was really great! And we met Elsa and Anna. We rode the new Soarin' ride, too, which was really fun. And the Mars one. We met Goofy and Mickey, too.

Then in Animal Kingdom we were able to do the Safari ride and Jack, Caleb and Noah rode Everest, while Eden, Josiah and I rode the triceratops ride. Noah LOVED Everest. My sweet and gentle boy loves roller coasters. Caleb liked it, but not the part that went backwards.

We ended the day at Hollywood Studios to see the Fantasmic night show. It rained on us during the show, but we just put on our ponchos and made the best of it! We had a great first day!!


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