Happy 7th, Happy Boy!

Dearest Josiah,

Today is your 7th birthday. I am still not sure how that happened. You're still asleep and the house is quiet this morning, but the moment you wake up that will no longer be true!

You are a ball of energy! And the light in this family. You make everyone smile- everyone. Friends, family, even strangers in the grocery store- they all smile when you are around. You are funny and happy. You are by far the most affectionate one in the family. Hugs are your love language and you give them out freely and regularly. What a joy! You are exactly what this family needs.

This year you are getting to do "big school" with your brothers, something you are very excited about. I love teaching you. You love to learn and you are really smart! Although getting you to sit down and read a book is still a challenge!

You are also by far the most athletic in the family. You literally climb the walls in our house (thanks American Ninja Warrior!). You climb trees and love sports and this year you even loved swimming.

We call you Pigpen. And with good reason. You are always dirty. Always. You have a cloud of dirt that follows you around. 

You are a good brother. I think you and Noah probably get along the best. It's hard being the youngest brother, but you do the best with it! You and Eden are love/hate. When you are getting along you are two peas in a pod.

You have the best laugh. Last night in the car you guys were giggling about something. It was music to my ears. Seriously. You are the smile maker.

Happy 7th Birthday Siah Monkey. You are a mess. We love you so very much. We know God is going to use your sweet personality! We pray for you everyday- that God would keep you safe (ha!) and that He would grown you into a man who loves Him deeply. We hope you have the best 7th birthday ever.

We love you no matter what forever and ever!!!


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