Happy 5th Birthday Eden!

My darling girl,

I can hardly believe it has been 5 years since God blessed our family with sugar and spice and everything nice! You are such a precious gift to this family.

At 5 years old, you are spunky and sassy. There's never a doubt that you are in charge when you are around! You still love all things princess and girly. Aunt Stacey got you a make-up set for your birthday- oh goodness!- and I imagine it will be a daily application! You love pink and purple and you want to wear dresses everyday. BUT- you also love to climb trees and hold worms and go fishing. My girly tomboy.

You love the pool and you have become a really good swimmer! You passed the swim test this year at the pool when you were still 4! Your best friends are Olivia Kiehn and Olivia Mueller. You call them the "red Olivia" and the "brown Olivia" because of their hair color.

You love music and singing. Your Dad and I are always amazed at how quickly you can pick up a song and know the words. My favorite is watching you worship in church. You raise your hands with abandon and sing with all your heart to the Lord. I love it. You also love to dance. You took tap and ballet this year and did 2 numbers in your recital. You had the biggest smile on your face the entire time you were on stage.

Eden, you are beautiful inside and out.  You are a sweet friend, a loving sister and a wonderful little girl. We love you so much! I am praying that God would already be working in your heart and that you would know Him as the only true source of significance and beauty. I love you so much. Everyday you tell me that I am your best friend. I hope that never changes. Your dad adores you, as do your brothers. I hope you always always know how very loved you are.

Happy 5th Birthday, princess!! We love you, no matter what, forever and ever!


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