The Great Eight

Dearest Noah,

It is the evening of your 8th birthday. 8th. Do you believe that? Because I almost can't. What a gift the past 8 years have been.

You were a serious baby. And such a chunky monkey. You were a perfect baby- except for the ear infections! As an 8 year old, you are a lot less serious and there isn't an ounce of chunk on you! You are blessing to this family. You remind me all the time what love, compassion and mercy look like. You are Noah, the tender-hearted. You are sweet and kind to everyone you meet, but especially to those of us in your family.

You definitely have a silly side, though! Once you get hyped up, it's hard to get you calmed down. The college guys at BCM can attest to that!

You are a giant. Seriously. I cannot believe how tall you are getting. We marked your height a year ago when we moved into the new house. You've grown over 3 inches in 1 year! At 8 years old you are as tall as Caleb was a year ago at 9 years old.

This Fall you really enjoyed football. I loved watching you watch football on Saturdays and Sundays. And I loved watching you play flag football. You and your brothers are always muddy after playing tackle football in the backyard.

You have a sense of humor and one of my favorite things is listening to you giggle with Caleb in the back seat of the van. I hope you guys always enjoy each other so much.

You enjoy reading and you are an awesome student. I love being your teacher. You remember details that no one else does. And you are becoming quite the artist. You really seem to have a gift for drawing and you like it a lot. Right now you are super into anything Star Wars or anything Harry Potter! It's a really fun time around here.

Your hair is awesome- thick and long. You have mastered the swoop. When I asked you if you wanted your hair cut, you said, "No way!" I think Daddy is pretty jealous of your awesome hair!

Noah Jackson, from the day you were born we've loved you. You teach me so much about loyalty, selflessness and love. My prayer is that you would continue to grow in these attributes as you grow to know and love the Lord. I pray that you would always love others so deeply and so sweetly. I pray this harsh world wouldn't crush that in you. I want you to know and love Jesus, follow Him no matter the cost and grow into a man who leads and loves well, just like your Dad.

Happy 8th Birthday Noah! I love you, no matter what, forever and ever!


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