We made it to 6!

Dearest Josiah,
Happy 6th birthday buddy! What a joy you are to this family. Today at lunch, we shared 6 things we love about Josiah for his 6th birthday. Eden loves that you read to her. Caleb and Noah love that you are silly. Mommy and Daddy love that you are funny and smart. And we all love that you give the best hugs.

All of those things are true about you Josiah Robert! You are so silly and funny. You keep us laughing. I remember one night this summer eating dinner on the back porch and we had the Disney playlist playing for our dinner music. When "Let It Go" came on, you just stood up and started lip syncing. It was hilarious! So naturally hilarious.

And you are so very smart. You started Kindergarten this year, but we skipped right up to 1st grade. You amaze us with the way you read so well already! And you are a whiz at math. Sometimes when we are driving down the road, you just say from the back seat, "Hey Mommy! 5+5 is 10!" You love school and that makes me so happy. You look forward to it everyday.

You do give the best hugs. Truly the best. I am so thankful you still love to snuggle. You and Eden have a love/hate relationship for sure. It's either hot or cold. But when you two are getting along, it's the most precious thing to watch. You giggle, you hug, you have such fun. And when you mess up and have to ask forgiveness from your sister or brothers, you never leave it without a hug. I love that about you.

I was so proud of you this summer. You conquered your fear of swimming. In April, you were still petrified to be in the water without your vest on, even though you could swim. And by the end of the summer you passed the swim test for the deep end and went down the deep end slides! I was so proud of you!!

Josiah, this family would not be the same without you in it. We are so thankful everyday that God gave you to us. Sometimes Daddy and I joke that it'll be a miracle if you make it to 18 because you are so crazy, but this family needs your crazy. We pray that God will draw you to himself and that you would fall in love with Jesus. And we pray that He will use your outgoing, happy, affectionate spirit to change the world. We love you so much. Happy Birthday!

We love you, no matter what, forever and ever!


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