For My Girl

My dearest Eden,

It's your 4th birthday! You are growing so quickly my head is spinning. You are a precious gift to this family and we couldn't love you more! You are one smart cookie! You have grown to be a girl of many words! You are quite the chatterbox. You still adore your brothers.... most of the time. But you also really love being a pesky little sister! You are an equal opportunity sister. It seems like each day you switch which brother you want with you the most. And your brothers really love you.... most of the time! They can make you giggle more than anyone else can.You can already swim! We like to say you are fish, though you say you are like a mermaid!

When you are happy, you light up a room and make everyone around you feel special. You smile, you talk, you give hugs, you are a joy. You love to dance, you love wearing "make up," you love getting your nails painted, you love climbing trees, you love going fishing and holding the worms. And sometimes you love to be contrary! Daddy likes to say you are "in one of your moods." You get contrary to everything, no matter what it is! If we say you look pretty- you fuss! If we say we love you- you fuss! If we say "Hi Eden!"- you fuss! Whew girl! You are always keeping us on your toes.

You are a Daddy's girl, there's no doubt about that. You already have your Daddy's heart in the palm of your hand. You're his sugar. 

Eden, I never knew what having a daughter would do to my heart. You are my best girlfriend, hands down. I love our shopping days and our snuggles. I love singing together. I know that one day, we'll have our differences, and someday some precious, Jesus-loving man is going to come steal you away, but no matter what the future brings, my love for you will never change. You are a joy. I pray you always know how loved you are- by me, by your Dad, by your brothers, but even more so by Jesus. I pray you will always find your security, your value and your worth in the great love of Christ and that He would be your highest treasure.

Happy Birthday sweet Eden Frances. We love you, no matter what, forever and ever.



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