Happy Birthday Noah!

My dearest Noah,

It is the evening of your 7th birthday. I just sang your song and tucked you in. How happy it makes me that you still ask for me to sing to you. That you still play with my hair. That you still love hugs. I can hardly believe you are already 7 years old. It seems like just yesterday you were a serious, stoic baby. And now you are a fun, sweet, easy-going boy.

You are the heart of this family, Noah. You are giving and kind-hearted. You love us well.

I love being your teacher. You are smart and you enjoy learning so much. I think math might be your favorite subject, but I sure do love to listen to you read, especially when you read the Bible.

You are absent-minded, like your daddy. And you are all arms and legs. I imagine you will be the tallest in the family one day. Daddy says you have the coolest hair- and you really do.

Noah, it is a joy being your mom. I pray that you will always know how much I love you and how much I love being your mom. I pray you will know the love of Christ deeply and that you will follow Him with your whole self. You are precious to me, but even more precious to God. I am so grateful for that.

Happy Birthday by sweet boy. I love you. No matter what. Forever and ever.



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