December 2013 Highlights

- Cutting our own Christmas tree- a tradition

- Great Wolf Lodge!!!- We got a deal through Jack's work and were able to go to Great Wolf Lodge- an awesome themed hotel with an indoor water park. The kids were so surprised! Also on this trip, Eden acquired a pink stuffed animal wolf, which she aptly named Wolfie, and now she no longer needs a paci! Wolfie is her lovey now and we said good-bye to the pacifier!

- Seeing Frozen in the movie theater! Thanks to a generous gift from a community group in our church for pastor appreciation, we were able to surprise the kids one Wednesday afternoon with a trip to the movies to see Frozen.

- The Lights Before Christmas at the Riverbanks Zoo- a yearly tradition.

- Eden and Josiah's Christmas Program at Preschool

- Christmas at Grammy and Pop-Pop's house- a wonderful few days filled with lots of children, cousin love, laughter, Jesus and, of course, presents!!

- Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! This year we got the boys a discgolf catcher and their own discs to play in the backyard. For Eden we turned a footlocker/trunk into a dress-up closet filled with princess dresses.

- Christmas with Nana and Paw-Paw- Nana and Paw-Paw hid the presents all over the house and the kids had to find them! They got Caleb a Kindle Fire and took the kids to see some antique cars.


- We also said good bye to diapers!!!! For the first time in 8 years we have no children in diapers! We have literally been buying diapers for 8 years without a break! And the week after Christmas, we potty trained Eden. She was a champ. Potty trained in 2 days. This probably needed it's own post as it is so momentous of an en event, but I didn't take pictures because, well, I want my daughter to still love me when she is 16! ;)

What a wonderful December we had. There were more fun events- our Jesse tree, ChristmasVille, the Christmas parade, the Stradford Park Christmas light competition, lots of cookies and hot chocolate, many Christmas books read, and lots of memories made.


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