Halloween Costumes 2013

I'm so late with this post, but whatcha gonna do?!

This year the boys wanted to be The Wild Kratts. Chris and Martin Kratt are brothers who protect animals and use creature powers to become the animals they are protecting. Needless to say my boys love them.

So this year we had Chris, Martin and a third unnammed Kratt brother for Halloween. 

And this year, Eden was a Winthrop Cheerleader. I found a Gamcocks Cheerleader outfit at a consignment sale for $6 and Jack was able to fashion the Winthrop Eagle out of felt. It worked perfect!

And this year, Halloween was on a Thursday night, BCM Night. The BCM students got dressed up and went reverse Trick-Or-Treating on Campus, giving out candy and information about BCM. We joined right in! Jack dressed as Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty and I was Super Mom! My shirt said, "Supermom, Superwife, Supertired!" It was perfect.

And we (Jack) carved three Jack-o-lanterns. One traditional, designed by Josiah, an Angry Bird and a Princess.


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