When you reach a dozen

12 years ago yesterday we said our vows, made promises before God and our friends & family, and entered into quite an adventure.

It hasn't always been easy, in fact, sometimes it's been downright hard. And there have been seasons when it's been almost effortless, joy-filled, and fun.

What have the past 12 years taught me?

Love is not a feeling. Lasting love isn't built on romance. It doesn't look like the movies. Love is defined by the Gospel. It's self-sacrificing, it's forgiving, it's grace-filled. And it's something my husband knows well.

I married a man who loves Christ above all else. I married a man who is being transformed into the image of Christ more everyday. I married a man who understands his role as a husband is that of Christ to the church.

His self-sacrificing love rubs my feet at the end of a long day. It cleans up kid vomit from sheets. It empties a full dishwasher. His forgiving love overlooks all of my deficiencies. It never complains when I lack in housework or cooking. His grace-filled love praises my flawed parenting. It calls me beautiful even when I know it's 12 years and 4 babies later on this body.

I am blessed beyond what I even knew when I said those vows 12 years ago. Time has just made him better. Time, difficulties, joys, and the Spirit of the Living God have strengthened our love.

Here's to 12 + 12 + 12 more, for His glory.

August 4, 2001














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