My Dearest Eden

Happy 2nd Birthday sweet girl! I cannot believe two years have gone by already. You are so precious to your daddy and me. We are so thankful that God has given us a beautiful little girl.

You are a lot of fun! Your hair is long enough for pony tails. You are talking a lot! You are very, very bossy. You fuss at your brothers all the time. Just today in Walmart, whenever Josiah lagged behind us, you yelled, " 'Mon Siah!!" You love hugs and kisses. Your brothers adore you. They give you whatever you want and argue about who gets to sit by you at a dinner. And you equally adore them. Daddy and I were just talking the other day about saying "no" to you and not giving in to your tantrums. But your brothers do not have the same idea! You turn on the tears and they give in!

You love music! When we sing songs, you start singing along by the second or third time. Your brothers love to sing "My Girl" to you and you love to sing along. You love your babies. This week you have started getting diapers out of the diaper bag and attempt to put diapers on your baby dolls. It is very cute.

You are very tall! Today we found out you are 35 1/2 inches tall- the 90th percentile! You are taller than Caleb or Josiah were at their 2 year check! But you are quite a bit lighter than all of the boys! Your weight is only in the 40th percentile. Mommy is already praying for a tall husband for you!

Eden, we love you so much. You bring such joy to this family and I cannot imagine it without your sweetness. I pray everyday that God would grow you into a woman after His heart. That you would find your significance, value and joy in Christ alone. I pray that God would protect our relationship with each other over the years. I love you so much and feel so blessed to be your mom. Happy Birthday!!


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