A New Backyard

There are lots of things we love about our little house here in Rock Hill. One of them is the great backyard. But as great as our backyard is, there is no grass in it. It's big, shaded, has a swing set and tree fort and no grass. So, my parents and Jack's parents gave me the most wonderful early birthday present.... Sod! And on Saturday, everyone came to help us install sod in our backyard. I love the way it looks and the boys can't wait to play on it. And we're in for a rainy few days, just in time to water our new sod. I think it might be my favorite birthday gift ever!

Caleb helped by loading debris into his dump truck.

Pallets of Sod

The dads hard at work!

The Finished Product

The boys checking out their new yard!

 Eden trying on a new fall hat from Nana! So cute!


rmfujino said…
beautiful! :)

and Eden is the most effortlessly stylish baby I know.. ask her if I can borrow that hat? please?

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