Fun Family Days

When I make our summer calendar, I like to schedule some fun day trips. A few weeks ago, we went to the McDowell Nature Preserve in Charlotte. There was a great nature center that the boys loved and there are lots of Letterboxes hidden in the preserve. We love to go Letterboxing.

If you don't know anything about Letterboxing, it's basically a treasure hunt. You create a team and a team name and you buy or make a team stamp. We are the Six Silly Monkeys and our stamp is a monkey stamp. People have hidden boxes in parks and areas all over the country. Inside the boxes are a notepad and a stamp. The goal is to find the box using the clues given. When you find the box, you put their stamp in your notebook and you put your stamp into the notebook in the box to record your find and then put the box back in it's hiding place for the next team to find. If you are interested in letterboxing, check out

So a few weeks ago we went Letterboxing in the nature preserve, checked out the nature center and had a picnic on the lake. It was a really fun family day! Last weekend we went to the North Carolina Raptor Center in Charlotte (more to come on that) and this Friday we are going to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia. Love days with my family!


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