Can He Really Be 4?

Today is my Noah-bear's fourth birthday. I can hardly believe how quickly four years have flown by. Noah, you are a joy. We are so grateful God gave us such a wonderful son. You are funny and sweet. Your generosity is one of your best qualities. You always put your brothers first, offering to give up your toys or treats for them. You still idolize your big brother and the two of you are best friends. I love so much watching you play together. You are a smart boy, too. You are really learning your letters and letter sounds well and your teachers love you. You and Josiah share a room and are really fun to watch together, too. Eden thinks you are great and you are such a great helper. You are still as slow as can be! Nothing ever really gets you in a hurry. But that is good for me, you are helping to teach your Mommy to slow down. You still like to snuggle and play with my hair and I cherish every moment that you do. Noah Jackson, you really are Jack's son! You look like your Daddy and you have his laid back, compassionate personality. Noah, we love you more than words can express. We pray everyday that God would open your eyes and heart to Him and that you would grow everyday in Christ-likeness. We are so proud of you and we can't wait to see all God has for you as you continue to grow. Happy 4th Birthday, buddy.


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