Prayer Guide

Tomorrow morning at 3:30 am we will begin our trek to Ethiopia. I would be so honored if you would go with us through your prayers. I am very excited about this trip. I get to go to Africa for the first time with my best friend! And we are doing children's ministry. I've spent many hours in the past two weeks preparing our lessons and I am so excited to put them into action. Every day we are going to be presenting the Gospel during our time with the children. And we just found out that we have been invited into the village school to teach english each morning. While we will not be able to openly share, we will be able to develop relationships with the children and teachers hoping that they will come back in the afternoon when we can share! It is a great opportunity!

Will you pray for us? Here's how you can pray for me specifically:

- Pray for my momma heart... it's going to be hard to leave my boys for 8 days and be halfway around the world!
- Pray for our travels. Our flight to Ethiopia is 17 hours long! Pray for safety and that we will be able to get sleep on the plane (yeah, right!)
- Pray that I would be bold to share the Gospel. Pray that I would be able to bond with a teacher and have the opportunity to share with her.
-Jack will be leading our team and preaching each evening while we are in Ethiopia. Pray for his strength and endurance through out the week. Pray that he proclaim clearly the messages he has prepared. Pray that I would be the helpmate he needs this week.
-Pray for Jack's parents, Nana and PawPaw, as they care for our boys all week.
- Pray that our boys would adjust easily to our being gone and not be too upset.

Here's a guide for each day of our trip:

Friday, September 17 … Pray for safe travel for the team as they leave Atlanta early!

Saturday, September 18 … Pray for the team to make it into the country smoothly and for a good night’s rest to begin ministry.

Sunday, September 19 … Pray for the team as they worship with our Ethiopian brothers and sisters and begin to have opportunities to proclaim Christ.

Monday, September 20 … Pray for divine appointments as children’s ministry and sports camp begin and evening preaching events being.

Tuesday, September 21 … Pray for wisdom as the team continues the children’s classes and sports camp while also beginning to distibute Proclaimers with the gospel message.

Wednesday, September 22 … Pray that God would move greatly among the people being touched through the ministry of the team and for physical rest so the team will finish well.

Thursday, September 23 … Pray for endurance as the team enters their last full day of ministry.  Pray that God will again open doors for the sharing of the gospel.

Friday, September 24 … Pray for the final opportunities to reach out to the village as the team travels to say good-bye and wrap up ministry.  Pray as well for safe travel as the team departs for home on this evening.

Saturday, September 25 … Pray for safe travel to home and rest for the team as they return, rejoicing in what God has done.

Thank you for praying for us and with us! Don't worry, I'm sure there will be lots to blog about when I get home! And lots of pictures too! 


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