I love him

I love him. My husband, that is. I am just so beyond in love with him. And so beyond grateful for him. And so beyond blessed by him. It was 10 years ago right around this time that I met him in the Atlanta airport. Ten years. Wow. Ten of the most magnificent years.

But I was not inspired to write this post to commemorate our 10 year anniversary of meeting. It's because of him. I seriously have the most wonderful and supportive husband on the planet. He is so very hands on with our boys- he feeds Josiah, changes dirty diapers, wrestles, plays, reads to them, disciplines them. He is a present dad.

But he also is a present husband. He rubs my feet after a long day (or my back or plays with my hair), he watches Glee with me (even though it is so not his thing), he never criticizes my house cleaning or cooking, he does laundry, he picks up toys, he cleans the kitchen. On Tuesday night, he kept the kids while I went grocery shopping. I was beyond exhausted on Tuesday after my Monday night with Noah, so the house was a disastrous mess, the kids were cranky and I was very grateful for the opportunity to be alone at the grocery store. I jokingly told Jack that I would not mind if everyone was in bed when I got home! I got home at 8:00 to boys who had all three been bathed and in pj's and the two oldest were in bed asleep. The living room was clean. The playroom was picked up. The kitchen was cleaned. He unloaded the groceries and put them away while I fed Josiah and put him down to bed. By 8:30 peace reigned in our house, thanks solely to one man.

My husband is Jesus for me. He lives out Ephesians 5:22. He sacrifices himself all the time for me. I know cleaning our house was not what he wanted Tuesday night, but he did it for me. He sacrificed his time to relax after a long day at work so that he could serve and love me. He was like Jesus washing the disciples feet. It is a joy and privilege to submit to his leadership. It is my joy and my privilege to be his wife. Our marriage is not perfect and I am far from Proverbs 31. But this I know. God is glorified in the way my husband loves me. And I hope that everyday I am growing into a wife who does the same. Today, this I know... I love him.


Courtney said…
beautiful, Carrie. thanks for sharing this

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