My Baby is 1!

Two weeks ago, we celebrated Noah's first birthday. I really can't believe he is one already. I know I am his mother and so I am completely biased, but he has brought such joy into our lives this year. He is truly the sweetest baby- but I guess he is getting to be not such a baby anymore! He smiles all the time, rarely cries. He loves to make animal sounds, especially an elephant and a horse. It is very cute. I'll have to try to get it on video. He is getting to be a great walker and walks more than he crawls now. We had a wonderful time at his birthday with family and close friends. We had a sports theme since Noah loves to play with balls. He dug right into his smash cake- no surprise since he is such a great eater, you put it in front of him and he eats it! He got cake EVERYWHERE and had to get straight into the bath afterwards! I am so very, very blessed to be his mother. I am thankful everyday for the privilege of raising my sweet boys. Thank you Father for the blessing of my children!

Enjoy some pictures of Noah's day!

Noah had lots of help from Caleb and Hayden!

Happy 1st Birthday Noah!

Yummy Cake!

Putting it in his hair!


GiGi said…
I love it!! I'm so sorry we couldn't be there. Love you guys!
The first year seems to go so fast! Happy birthday to your little man. Love the blog updates and the sweet pics:)

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