An Update

So, I guess I am on the monthly blog circuit! I always intend to write more often, but somehow that doesn't seem to happen! Well, quite a lot has happened in our lives since my last post.

Noah had surgery for ear tubes. He did great and we are thankful for those tubes! He had six ear infections in six months! It was rough as each ear infection made my usually sweet, easy going, baby very fussy and usually included at least one night of a sleep interruption of 2 hours or more! Bring on the tubes! He has done well, and he had an ear infection over Christmas, but his ears just drained and there was no pain or lack of sleep! YAY! And I am also happy to say that he is back to his usual self- happy and a great sleeper. I hope not to jinx anything but he has slept for 12 hours uninterrupted each night since we have gotten home from our holiday travels. Wow, what a blessing.

We took and impromptu trip to the Georgia Aquarium in December. They were running a great deal called Me and Mommy and the four of us went for a great price and free parking. We had a great time. Caleb really enjoyed it all. Santa was there and we had the boys' picture taken with him as this is Noah's first Christmas and we had to document his introduction to Santa. The baby who never cries, well he cried at meeting the Big Man in Red! After our morning at the aquarium we walked across the street to Centennial Olympic Park and played on the playground. It was a great day!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. Caleb is old enough now that he really got into it. Last year we bought a book called "The Light of Christmas." It goes from creation through the resurrection explaining that we have lights at Christmas because Jesus is the light of the world. It is an awesome book and we pack it up each year and bring it out for the Christmas season as a special treat. This year our special treat was watching Caleb react to the book. On the crucifixion page he got sad, but then as we started to turn the page, his face lit up because he knew what was coming and he would yell, "Jesus is Back!!" and after I read the resurrection page, he exclaimed, "Jesus is Alive! Yay!" And he would clap his hands. It was truly precious and a joy for us to witness our sweet child rejoice that the Savior is not dead, but alive! He loved the nativity set in our living room and loved playing with Mary, "Jophes" and Baby Jesus. It was so amazing to witness the Christmas story through the eyes of a child. He was awed at the birth of Christ and saddened at His death and greatly rejoiced in His resurrection. I wish I was more like my son. It is so easy to become deadened to the gospel when you have heard it so many times. I never want it to not move me. I don't ever want to get over it. And this year, my sweet Caleb reminded me of God's amazing plan- how amazing it truly is and how awed, moved, overjoyed I should always be when I hear it.

We had a wonderful time visiting my family in the days before Christmas. It was so fun to watch Caleb and Hayden enjoy one another. We took a ride on the Polar Express which was great fun. And Caleb and Hayden invented a new game called "Tackle." You will see that in the video! Of course, since then we have had to remind Caleb that he only plays tackle with Hayden as not every child he plays with is ready for their crazy game!

Christmas morning was a wonderful time just the 4 of us. Caleb got a train table from Santa and he was thrilled. Noah got a walk behind toy. We had waffles and omlets and we really enjoyed some precious family time.

And after Christmas we journyed to Gatlinburg where Jack's parents had rented a cabin. We enjoyed our time with them, and a trip to the Dixie Stampede. Caleb and Noah were both mesmerized by the "cowboys" and horses! It was a quick but very fun trip.

And when we got home, Noah took his first steps! He is not walking quite yet, but he has taken about 5 steps in a row now. We took some video today that I will hopefully get up here soon.

Well, I guess you are caught up on our lives. Here is a video from Christmas! Enjoy!


GiGi said…
This is your "baby" sister-in-law. I've always read the posts when you've emailed them, but now I get an instant update, yea! I love the video!

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