Another Trip to the Zoo

Jack left yesterday to go on a 10 day trip with the other pastors at the church. Believe it or not they are riding around the Midwest in an RV, telling people about Jesus and interviewing pastors and leaders who are making a difference for Christ where they are. And they took a cameraman with them and are recording a "documentary" of the trip! Levi is keeping a blog during the trip. If you want to keep up with them it is Keep them in your prayers (and us too! Of course now that Jack is gone, both boys have a stomach virus!!)

So, before Daddy left for 10 days, Friday we took another trip to the zoo! We had a great day. The weather was perfect, the lion cubs were out and the boys were in a great mood. The last time we went, the lions were not out as the babies were about to be born. And a week later they were! Now the cubs are 3 months old and we got to watch the whole pride interact. It was really neat. Caleb once again was in charge, directing us to the animal he wanted to see next. He was very excited about the panda again. This time we only saw one because the mommy Lun Lun just had another baby (a boy this time) last week. He loved the snakes, the "ephalant," and the tiger. And again, we had a picnic lunch and rode the train. It was a great day. Here are some pictures from our day:

The new lion family

Noah was in a great mood!

Daddy and Caleb Kangaroos

Riding the Train!


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