Trying a New Shopping Method

Thanks to my friend, Leslie, in Florida, I have decided to try a new way of shopping- namely clipping coupons, and using CVS and Walgreens to get things for free or nearly free. It has been an interesting few weeks as I try to figure out this new system. But, I think I have finally started to figure it out! Here is what I got last night:

From Publix-
Total before coupons: $31.18
Total Out of Pocket: $10.61

From Walgreens-
Total before Coupons: $12.37
Total Out of Pocket: $0.99!

From CVS-
Total before Coupons: $26.83
Total Out of Pocket: $3.59

I have also been reminded of an important lesson through all of this. In the first few weeks, I was very frustrated because I felt like even though I was saving money, it wasn't enough! I felt like I was doing something wrong. What God revealed to me was that I was putting the burden for saving money and providing for our family on myself. This is not my burden to bear! God is our provider- God is our portion. While He has given me the abilities to take care of our family, ultimately it is God who provides for us. What a relief! So, thanks Leslie for showing me a new way to save money and Thank You Lord for providing everything we need!


SmlTwnLdy said…
Look at you! Good job, Carrie. I haven't done so well these past few weeks, but I have seen the pay off. I'm proud of you!


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